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Hello Deviants, Watchers, Friends and visitors just coming by saying I am alright Hurricane Sandy tried her best to blow Ohio off the grid but failed. My thoughts and Prayers are still out to those who have no power last i heard over 3Mill still so I hope you all are alright and can pull through it safely. :pray:

In other news I am planning a drawing project with a new OC of mine being brought into the Art world hopefully not much longer now. She's a wonderful person and well :giggle: she's into fun things that a few of my friends love to draw ^w^ hopefully this 1st attempt at drawing her and as a Damsel I hope I can succeed and get helpful tips on how to improve. I am very excited to debut my new OC and she's excited to be revealed.

Again my thoughts and prayers are to those further east of Ohio and hope you all are safe and hope you all have power soon brought back to you. :pray: Take care my friends hope your all well and having a wonderful week.
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Submitted on
October 30, 2012